“Barbara Fincher”   “What an amazing event last night for the women of Springdale!  YOU and your volunteers worked tirelessly and showed such care and compassion for each woman you met.  Because of Breast Intentions, every one of them walked away with a smile, a renewed sense of confidence, and two new beautiful bras!  

Serving 54 women in 5 hours took such tremendous effort! The women just kept coming through the door and our girls had so much fun! It was certainly the talk of the school this morning!

I wanted to say how grateful we are and to please tell all the women thank you for everything! ” 

“Betsy”   BI interviewed client Betsy at one of the events, the following comments are quoted from her responses:

I felt my sporit rise because of my new appearance!”  

“Getting a properly fitted bra brought a new sense of health to me.”  

“It’s a matter of health, self-esteem and having fun while learning,”  

“You’re doing such an awesome job!  I hope and pray for more funding and publicity.  Breast Intentions is the most powerful hidden secret! Nobody else is doing this… you could go national.”

“Jody Nelson”  St. Margaret’s Shelter has been blessed by our relationship with Breast Intentions. This non-profit fills an important niche in our community by providing needed undergarments for low-income women in an environment that is both dignifying and fun! Each woman was treated with respect as she was custom fit for a new bra. Everything was provided for the event and it really couldn’t have been easier for staff. Our moms were touched by the special individual attention that was shown to them by our friends at Breast Intentions. Thank you for providing this opportunity.

“Denise”   “I thank God for the attention and discreetness of not only the fitting volunteers but especially that of the women from Breast Intentions. For some women the whole process of getting fitted can be a very traumatic event. This could have been the case with me due to a childhood event. The women of Breast Intentions and their volunteers made it a very positive experience for me. Having a properly fitted bra is surprisingly powerful. It has given me my dignity back.”

“Denise Adams”   “Thank you for the lovely event! I was so impressed with the whole spirit of the gathering and how happy the women were (myself included) with their new bras! Thank you and your associates so much for all the effort.”

“I am the Program Director of Miryam’s House, a part of Transitions, which serves homeless and vulnerable women and children with the mission of ending homelessness for this population in Spokane. I have witnessed the impact BI’s work has had on women.”

“AmiM”   “My name is Ami Manning and I want to express my support for the incredible work Breast Intentions does for women in Spokane. Breast Intentions has had an immeasurable impact on vulnerable and underserved women in our community.

“In March 2015, BI hosted an event for women served by Transitions programs. More than 30 women attended from Miryam’s House, the Transitional Living Center, Women’s Hearth and New Leaf Bakery. Women were measured, fitted by professionals and given bras. This may seem like a small thing, but it makes a huge impact. Many of the women had never been fitted. Most were wearing the wrong size. One woman was afraid to wash her bra because it was the only one she had and it was wearing out. There was an immediate sense of self and self-worth over having undergarments that fit and were to their taste. It gave the women a sense of dignity and pride.

For two women at Miryam’s House, who had hard to fit sizes, Breast Intentions met the women at Miryam’s House with bras there were their size and fit their needs. They were both moved to tears and expressed gratitude since this was something of a first for them to have a bra that fit and made then feel better about themselves.”