Breast Intentions is a Washington State Non-Profit Corporation with 501(c)(3) status since 2014, helping underprivileged women gain dignity and confidence through professionally fitted bras in a fun and caring environment.

Your generous donation is appreciated by joining the “Fill the Cup” Monthly Giving Program; or with a one-time donation. Thank you for supporting Breast Intentions of WA!

Monthly Giving Program

A Cup – $15 provides 1 woman with a professionally fitted bra each month

B Cup – $30 provides 2 women with professionally fitted bras each month 

D Cup – $50 provides 3 women with a professionally fitted bra and a lingerie washing bag each month




As the events of 2017 have come to a close we can look back on a very successful year.  BI’s board is working hard to set the schedule for 2018 events and fundraisers.  We are looking forward to the New Year – 2018 will be a very dynamic year reaching out to those in need.  We look forward to growing BI’s ability to reach out and working with our volunteers, contributors, and those behind the scenes.  If you have a desire to join the Breast Intentions organization as a volunteer, please call Christine Weaver, founder and President.  She is a very welcoming individual who has dedicated herself to helping others.  Your help is needed to enable BI to continue it’s work in making women of limited means feel pride and self-assurance.


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The Wire Newsletter

The Wire V2 – Winter 2017-18

The Wire V1 – Fall 2017


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED.  PLEASE CONTACT US!  We need your help! The need for our services keeps expanding. Our goal is to not turn anyone away or make them wait months to schedule a special bra-fitting event. Breast Intentions is calling out for experienced bra-fitters or those willing to be trained as bra fitters. Your expertise is needed to ensure we have adequately trained volunteers to fit our clients properly. Or, please consider being a volunteer at our events in the Spokane/Coeur d”Alene area.  If time is an issue an hour or two to sort and tag bras is also an option.  The criteria for these positions a willingness to help and a big welcoming smile.  We are looking forward to adding you to our motivated group of volunteers.  Thank you for volunteering. The experience is rewarding and the women we serve are “FANTASTIC”. 


BI has added a Bra Fitting 101 tutorial on how to properly fit a bra.  This video will give you a set of insights on how you can become a bra fitter in one short set of instructions.


BI Bra Fitting Video from Karen Hohman on Vimeo.

New or near-new bras in all sizes.

To Volunteer please contact: 

Christine Weaver, President
Phone: 509-995-1295
Mailing Address: 1922 S. Stanley Ln. Spokane Valley, WA 99212

OR, one of the officers listed below.

Breast Intentions Board Members:

Christine Weaver, President
Lauren Autrey, Treasurer

Danielle Buller, IT Specialist

Marty Orchard, Marketing, Events Manager

Marta Harrington, Board Member

Penny Youde, Board Member

Dani Watsek, Board Member/Executive Committee Lead for Fundraising
Karen Hohman, Webmaster

Breast Intentions’ Passion is to Care.

BI’s volunteers are special!

BreastIntentions_HD from Karen Hohman on Vimeo.


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